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PostSubject: ♔ THE PLOT    ♔ THE PLOT Icon_minitimeSat Feb 25, 2012 3:10 am

In the year 2064 Metropolis of Tokyo has become the worlds largest developer of computer software and cybernetic technology. The government controls all companies an development plans and continues to move Japan towards a goal of efficient Cybernetic perfection.

During this time of technological advancements, the ICU is developed and more people strive for the perfection of a machine and the synthetic beauty it is able to posses. Doctors and scientist work together to create a ‘perfect’ world of a genetically and aesthetically enhanced population.

But not everyone is pleased with the fake and synthetic world the government is trying to create. Terrorist groups begin to form; attacking the government in both the real world and cyberspace in an attempt to stop the rapid technological development that is threatening to destroy the biological world.

The future is in your hands.
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