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 Andou Daisuke (Die)

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PostSubject: Andou Daisuke (Die)   Andou Daisuke (Die) Icon_minitimeMon Feb 27, 2012 2:44 am


Band:Dir en grey

Full Name: Andou Daisuke

Aliases/Nicknames: Die, Dai, Dai-Dai, Red, Buttercup

Age: 34

Birthday: December 20th

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual and fucking proud of it. (Preference toward men)

Height: 5 ft 10 in

Weight: 126 lbs

Rank: Cyberpunk

Position: ex-RAT

Occupation: Hacker, Piercer, Tattoo Artist (general designs only)

Character Personality: Die used to be a total party hound and at times that shines through in a rather negative sort of manner. But these days he's content to be around Kyo and his pets, sitting around and watching movies, sometimes doing drugs (though Kyo tends to keep him on a short leash for such things), and working on his computer. He's outgoing and usually pleasant, though honestly he is prone to bouts of severe depression as well, sinking in on himself and seeing nothing but his errors during those times. He's very sexually active (due to his modification, he was given additional nerve endings and gets to points where he desperately needs sex, not just wants it) and not doing so can actually be painful at times.

Die is also a genius (natural born).

Likes: Salem Lights or American Spirits, Heineken, Kissui, Computers, Programming, Art, Guitar, Parties, Sex, Fashion

Dislikes: Sushi, nihonsyu (type of booze that makes him puke), when things don't go his way, Fights with Kyo

Character Background: Die's serious about his books and computers... and he owns mountains of them both. His laptop alone packs a significant punch. The handheld he has is top of the line, government only issue... stolen, of course. If it's electronic and he can get his hands on it, he owns it... legit or not.

He loves rock music and always has. Plays guitar as if he's been enhanced to do so... but he hasn't been. The talent there and in all his studies is purely his, not artificial. The only reason he is in enhanced aesthetically is because of a tragic accident in his past. (He's revealed his one big secret, that his parents were betrayed and their entire family burned in a tragic fire. He woke up outside and naked, burned horribly and has been on the run for his life ever since. He now lives under an assumed name and identity, not his original birth identity. His brother lost a hand and is still badly burned, alive somewhere out there.)

He grew up with a reasonable amount of wealth, but not filthy rich. He's amassed his own wealth through the use of his skills as a hacker and computer programmer. He learned to be a piercer and is now working at Shadowed Crimson, a shop that used to belong to his former lover, Kaoru, with whom he had a huge falling out before ending up with Kyo full-time. (Can anyone say love triangle?) He's known for doing the odd piercings, the ones no one else will do and doing them perfectly.

Originally had a three-way relationship with Kyo, Kaoru, and himself, but that dissolved and he didn't talk to Kyo for almost a year. He was married for a little over two years to Kaoru. But he is now engaged to Kyo and has been happily for slightly over three years.

Character Description:
Andou Daisuke (Die) Avpf8w

Tattoos/Piercings: Scales tattoo on his right hand. Three rungs of a Jacob's ladder on his dick (12 gauge), right ear pierced once and left 5 times, all 18 gauge. His tongue is pierced once in the center of the dip when he cups it. Belly button pierced on the top.

Wears glasses sometimes, though usually contacts. Red waist-length hair with a single black streak down the left side.

Die's skin is entirely cybernetic due to incidents in his past.

Misc Info: Family's names:
Mother: Andou Moe
Father: Andou Kaito
Younger Brother: Andou Kenta

Engagement ring from Kyo
Andou Daisuke (Die) R01q9f
Matching rings for him and Kyo.

Die's Car (only in red)
Andou Daisuke (Die) 35k53jo

Andou Daisuke (Die) 164fgj
Andou Daisuke (Die) Dies-iggy-birthcertificate
Andou Daisuke (Die) Expensive-snake-lavender-albino
Andou Daisuke (Die) Diescat-ragdoll-yukisnow
Andou Daisuke (Die) Egyptian-mau-kitten-SunaSand

RP sample:
They had spent almost an entire year abroad before Die had called it long enough for the threats to be gone. In reality, he was worried for Kyo and honestly tired of the hotel room they'd rented out for that entire time. It just wasn't his thing to live in a place he couldn't go changing things around when he wanted to.

And so, they'd packed up and made the plane trip back to Japan. Their apartment was just as they'd left it and he was glad for that at least, the maid he'd hired before leaving hadn't seemed to have stolen anything, just come by on a weekly basis to bring in mail, dust, and keep the plants alive. He'd debated selling the place and getting a new one. But it held so many memories for him and Kyo that he hadn't wanted to get rid of it.

He dropped his bag by the door and then began unloading the pet carriers from the hand-card that he'd had to sort of 'liberate' from the airport to get their shit home. He let out Iggy, Ivory, Yuki, and Suna, watching as they scattered through the house with a proud sort of satisfaction. Then he turned to Kyo and beamed at him, holding his arms open wide. "We're home... finally home."

Somewhere in the back of his mind, it tickled that maybe he should really move them... just in case someone had discovered his home in their absence and their being home triggered some form of attack, no matter how unlikely.

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PostSubject: Re: Andou Daisuke (Die)   Andou Daisuke (Die) Icon_minitimeMon Feb 27, 2012 2:53 am

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Andou Daisuke (Die)
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