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 Nishimura Tooru ( Kyo )

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PostSubject: Nishimura Tooru ( Kyo )    Nishimura Tooru ( Kyo )  Icon_minitimeMon Feb 27, 2012 3:36 am



Full Name: Nishimura Tooru

Aliases/Nicknames: Kyo

Age: 32

Birthday: February 16th

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Height: 5 ft 2 in

Weight: 95 lbs

Rank: Natural

Position: Civilian

Occupation: Dealer ( Information & Illegal Substances )

Character Personality: Kyo is a very inward sort of person, preferring to keep his opinions and thoughts to himself most of the time; and with good reason, as some of the things in his head are better kept away from the world. He’s grim and perhaps even a little ‘dark’ but that doesn’t necessarily make him a bad person.

He is not fond of the genetically enhanced, or the ICUs, and is frequently involved in 'hate crimes' against them. Or at least he was until he met Die.

Character Background: Born into a regular home, Kyo went as far as the end of elementary school without causing much trouble. In Junior HighSchool, his troubles began as he became more and more withdrawn from the technologically advancing society.

He was always shy and quiet, and due to this, during most of his childhood and teenage years, he was pretty much ignored; hating every minute of it. By the middle of high school, his parents had already given up on him, seeing as their son was obviously not concerned with getting a proper education of being one of the ‘normal’ people in the society.

Kyo ended up dropping out of high school in his last year, moving out and becoming part of the underground world of information and chemicals. He lived alone for a while, but currently resides with Die.

Character Description:

Nishimura Tooru ( Kyo )  Kyotoronto2011

Other: Kyo has a pet. A runt of a bearded dragon named Ichi.

RP sample:

The trip back to Japan was a long one, and for someone like Kyo, who already had troubles with what would be considered an average or short flight, it seemed like an eternity. Though the trip back home had been easier then the trip abroad that was for sure. Both due to the fact that he knew he was headed home and because he had passed out for most of it.

He was exhausted with everything, and more importantly... he was sick. Very sick. The blonde wasn't sure how much Die knew, but he was sure the redhead had somewhat of an idea that Kyo had been ill with something. Though he never said anything, his physical changes could get anyone who knew him to see it. He had lost weight and he looked a lot more frail than usual. Even his eyes dulled, and at times, he seemed so... unfocused.

But Kyo did put up a nice front of 'everything is fine'. Even now, after the long, truly exhausting trip back home he could turn to Die and smile at the beaming man.

"We're home... finally home."

"We are, aren't we? I could almost cry..." He let out, a soft chuckle leaving him as he stepped towards the other man. He let himself sink into the other's chest with a sigh.

It sort of felt like time had stopped and was now going to start moving again now that they were home, but Kyo knew better. The city was different.... they were different.... it wasn't going to be the same.
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PostSubject: Re: Nishimura Tooru ( Kyo )    Nishimura Tooru ( Kyo )  Icon_minitimeMon Feb 27, 2012 4:23 am

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Nishimura Tooru ( Kyo )
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