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 Niikura Kaoru

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Band: Dir en grey

Full Name: Niikura Kaoru

Aliases/Nicknames: Kao, Violet, Eyes.

Age: 35

Birthday: February 17th

Sexual Orientation: homosexual

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 125lbs.

Rank: Cyberpunk

Position: Civil/occasional hacker for RAT

Occupation: Tattoo artist/Painter

Character Personality: Kaoru is a fairly mild manner person, choosing to keep his focus on his tattoo shop or whatever painting he is currently working on. All of his crew is considering his family, and treated as such, whether they leave his tattoo shop later on or not. Keeps mostly to himself outside of the shop, he's quiet and nearly intimidating at first until you get underneath that outer layer, something that very few can usually do. Having an open mind to all Cyberpunk and Cybernetic beings, he has no problem with those around him who chose to get their own enhancements.

Character Background: Born from a middle class family, he aspired to be like his grandfather, one of the few tattoo artists left who kept the traditional style. Ignoring what his parents wanted him to do after high school, he entered into a private art university, as well as an apprenticeship at his grandfather's tattoo parlor, that he would later take over. Several years into school, he began to become fascinating with the cybernetic enhancements, enough that he agreed to a new form of artifical eye, allowing him further abilities with his skills in art. Unfortuately, it came with a sideffect; he had all the advancement his new eye sight was meant to have, but the color had bled in, causing not only a change in his natural pigment, but a mysterious new shade that he spends years trying to recreate.

Married for several years, he is recently separated, living with his apprentice and roommate Kenji, wanting the keep the other man out of the slum part of Tokyo, but also not liking the idea of living alone. Owning his tattoo parlor, as well as the apartment next door, he uses it as a studio and gallery for his paintings, having viewings every few months for his newest works, and constantly searching for his next source of inspiration.

Character Description:
Niikura Kaoru  Pg02
Has both nipples pierced, as well as his ear stretched to a 0, and a prince albert piercing.

His eyes are cybernetic; deep violet in color and allow him to see faint, enhanced details from very close or far away, as well an advanced ability of discerning shades and hues, as well as his ability to see that mysterious color that appeared after his surgery.

RP sample:
The shop was relatively quiet that day, just opened in the last hour and with only a few customers so far. He enjoyed those times when he could watch his employees, his family as they worked, some on clients and others getting the rest of mornings duties done before a rush would come in. Sitting towards the back at his station, Kaoru relaxed back in his chair, sketchbook resting in his lap and pencil in hand.

Scanning the room, they landed on one client; a woman who was obviously heavily modified, something he didn't even need to see with his enhanced eye sight. Humming low in his throat, he started to sketch her quietly, taken in even the smallest of details without moving from his seat, feeling his friend and co-owner, Takeshi hovering over him, murmuring softly about the picture until he felt like wandering again.

Yes, he would enjoy his booked day when it would start in a few hours, but the time he got to take the clients his shop received was just as good.

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Niikura Kaoru
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