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 Harasawa Hideyuki [Reno]

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PostSubject: Harasawa Hideyuki [Reno]   Harasawa Hideyuki [Reno] Icon_minitimeMon Apr 16, 2012 7:30 pm


Band: Vivid

Full Name: Harasawa Hideyuki

Aliases/Nicknames: Reno

Age: 24

Birthday: 04/06

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Height: 180cm / 5'11"

Weight: 56kg

Rank: Cyber Punk

Position: Civilian

Occupation: Musician, teacher

Character Personality:

Reno is generally quite an upbeat, positive person. He likes to laugh and like most 24 year olds, he likes to have fun. He appreciates the little joys in life. The world can be a dark and miserable place it you let it and Reno does not want to be the sort of person who focuses on the negative alone. However, he's not a blind optimist. He is well aware of the bad things in life, he just chooses to focus his energy on the happier moments.

He can come off as quite childish at times, whether due to his age or somewhat conditioned life. This can make him seem somewhat naïve, but he isn't all that he appears. He's not the airhead he often projects himself as and he takes a lot of fun in surprising people with that. He's more than just a pretty face. It's all part of the fun; Reno loves a surprise.

Character Background:

Reno grew up in a typical suburban outside of Tokyo. He is the only child of an ordinary middle class couple who made sure their son go the best of everything. He was generally well-liked in the neighbourhood and in school – essentially the typical boy next door. With dreams to be a musician, he finished high school with desires to study music performance and composition in university.

However, one cannot simply study such an art with desire and enthusiasm alone. It's not that he lacked talent, just he wasn't as good as the other hopefuls. His parents fixed this problem by helping him to pay for cybernetics. With advanced hearing to pick up and identify notes perfectly, perfect pitch and enhanced dexterity he was able to fulfil his dream, so far as university was concerned.

But music has always been a hard market to break into, and with everyone wanting to be the next number one rockstar, Reno had to find a temporary job as a music teacher to support himself and pay back his parents. Teacher seemed like the best choice, given that he could no play virtually any instrument if given a few minutes to figure it out. He doesn't see this job as anything else other than a temporary fix until he can make it as a professional musician.

Character Description:

Harasawa Hideyuki [Reno] Tumblr_lzyp1p6aTM1rpb0noo1_500

RP sample:

His fingers flew over the frets of the guitar strapped around him. Eyes shut tight and head tipped back ever so slightly, he followed the melody he had created in his head. It all transferred smoothly from his mind to the strings, something he hadn’t always been able to do so fluidly. He loved every second he played. It didn't matter what instrument he played, he knew he would be good at it, but he preferred guitar. There was something so beautiful and versatile about a guitar. Depending on how he implemented it he could make music to suit any situation. He found he couldn't always do that with other instruments. Guitar just called to him.

His fingers flew in speedy arpeggios, seeming to barely touch the strings before flying to another part of the fret board. Suddenly, he paused and dove right in to powerful chords, one after another, leading in an upbeat, lively song. He was playing as he felt; no song in particular, just whatever came to his mind. It was how he preferred to play. He could read sheet music no problem, if he wanted. He found it more necessary in university. Now, her just picked things up by ear with his students.

But right now was his time alone to practice. As far as he was concerned it was the best time of the day. He could channel all stress, worries and problems into music. It was his way of therapy.  He couldn't imagine not having music in his life. He often wondered how other people who didn't have the same interest lived. But right now wasn't the time for wondering. Now was the time for playing. So he focused on that and let the notes, chords, rhythm flow.
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Harasawa Hideyuki [Reno]
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