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 Kiyoharu Mori

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PostSubject: Kiyoharu Mori    Kiyoharu Mori  Icon_minitimeSat Apr 28, 2012 3:06 pm

Neo Tokyo

Band: Kuroyume/SADS/solo

Full Name: Kiyoharu Mori

Aliases/Nicknames: Kiyo

Age: 43

Birthday: October 30th

Sexual Orientation: pansexual

Height: 182cm

Weight: 55kg

Rank: Natural

Position: Civilian/RAT sympathizer

Occupation: Bar owner

Character Personality: Normally a quiet man, Kiyoharu tends to keep to himself whether he's in or out of the bar; preferring to grab a cup of coffee alone or take a long smoke break between his patrons. He sometimes trusts people too easily, when it comes to his clients and RATS, in the very least. It's actually other civilians like himself that he trusts less; never knowing who might turn him in for harboring fugitives. But once you get past that layer of resistance he puts up, Kiyoharu can be a kind and often too loyal friend, doing more than most would to keep someone he cares for safe. He also doesn't keep relationships too well; preferring not to let too many people under his skin, so he hasn't had many important lovers or partners over the years. Though he never truly likes to alone all the time, he'll often stay longer than needed at the bar just to listen to people speak or have a conversation or two, whether he's scheduled too or not. It also allows him to keep a better tab on who are his more dangerous patrons.

Character Background: Born from a middle class family, Kiyoharu was a sibling to two other brothers, the middle child between the two. Growing up, he was surrounded by the propaganda of both the Cyberpunk lifestyle and what the government deemed correct. Siding with the alternative lifestyle, he found himself nearly enamored with the RAT group; despite the dangers that he faced, he never believed in the government that his family worked for. Leaving after high school, he went to university for business as well as bar tending school, opening a place that he openly expressed was a safe haven for any of those who were cyber or even RAT affiliated, so long as they didn't cause trouble for the bar. He also plays and preforms in his bar, at least a few times a week.

He has long stopped speaking to either of his parents or brothers, unsure if they ever passed in any RAT attacks, or if they still lived. His family now was his staff and loyal patrons of the bar; even taking in a fugitive or two to keep them out of trouble and away from the police. Of course, it came with a price, usually money or a promise to avoid certain civilian places, so innocent people wouldn't be hurt.

Kiyoharu's Bar: [1][2]

Character Description:Kiyoharu Mori  O0800120011792580396


Tattoos: [1][2][3]

And stretched ears: 5/8" in size.

RP sample:
Kiyoharu's eyes flicked up, watching and listening carefully to the television above the bar, a few RATS around the bar giving a soft hum or whistle, obviously impressed with whoever had done the hit. It made him sick; he never understood those who intentionally targeted civilians, innocent people on their way to the government officials. He never liked to call in any of his patrons, but there had been a few over the years that just got too much of a thrill out of a kill, whether it was someone important or not. The photos of the officials flashed on the screen; a few important and others not, but Kiyoharu allowed a hum to escape his throat then, glad for a least those few.

In the very least, they were impressive at what they did. A partron called him; a burly man in the corner with a few of his RAT and cyber friends, ordering for another round. Looking them over, Kiyoharu finished wiping down his glass with another flick of his wrist before he grabbed two more and filled them with ice, starting to pour the whiskey over. He was alone today, not wanting to bother anyone to come in when it was so slow on an afternoon in the middle of the week. Dressed down in a white tee shirt and jeans, his jacket was thrown over a bar stool in front, trusting his local crowd not to run off with it. Finishing his pour, he started over with the glasses, balancing them easily in his large hands and setting them down with a soft murmur under his breath. They didn't give him any trouble, as usual; instead took their drinks with a soft thank you and a few dollars for the tip jar.

Walking back towards the bar, he slipped them in before he turned the volume down on the TV, already done with the news for the day. Instead he turned the music up a bit more, drowning the bar in a haze of indie music, guitars smooth and drums hard.

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PostSubject: Re: Kiyoharu Mori    Kiyoharu Mori  Icon_minitimeSat Apr 28, 2012 3:11 pm

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Kiyoharu Mori
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